Hey Darling Daughter.

You are beautiful.

Crafted wonderfully and with care.

The formation of your nose was handpicked.

Your eye color and shape was predetermined by the Divine Creator.

He did not make a mistake when He fashioned the design of your mouth.

He developed you thoroughly when He imagined you.

Those aspects of your frame that you claim are a mistake… that is His signature work.

He autographs your heart with His nature.

Constructing you in His perfect image.

Don’t you know He’s waited all of eternity for you?

His love for you is boundless.

Don’t insult The Potter by bashing His creation.

For His most creative work was you.

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This poem was inspired by the picture above. When my eyes first saw this picture of myself,… my heart was judging certain aspects of it. The Lord had me look back at this picture and made me see everything He sees about it. I am a Daughter. I am loved. My Identity is in Christ…. and I choose to walk in that. I hope you do too! ❤


Love y’all.