Echoes // In The Waiting

In the waiting,

I will fix my eyes upon you.

Gazing steadily into your eyes.

Feeling your winds of refreshing blow against my skin.

Your truth brings a rattling to my bones.

An awakening to my Spirit.

In the waiting,

I will posture my heart before you.

Confidently hoping that your timing is perfectly timed.

I’m not ahead. I’m not behind.

I’m right where you want me.

You see me and you know me.

My desires you have placed within me.

So I will wait.

I will wait upon The One who put my very breath into my lungs.

I will cling to you as my heart encounters disappointment.

I will dance with you to the sounds of life.

I will listen closely to the echoing of your promises.

You are as Faithful as the sunrise.

As constant as the ocean’s waves.

As breathtaking as the largest mountains.

I will trust you. In the waiting… I will trust.

Love y’all a lot.

– T

2 thoughts on “Echoes // In The Waiting

  1. Hey Taylor, you’re blessed and highly favored by the Lord. You’re a talented artist and the words flow as gently as a mountain stream.
    Wright on!
    Cuzin Leo


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