Comparison // Identity

Freed from the shackles of comparison.

No longer striving to run another’s race.

Desires of being prettier, skinnier, richer, or more well known –

Dismantled as soon as I felt Your embrace.

His eyes of fire and jealous love consumed the wish to be someone else.

Joyfully accepting that He created me to just be myself. 

His songs of love liberated me to walk in true freedom.

The enemy’s lies exposed – comparison defeated.

Don’t you know, child of God that there’s never been another you before?

You were not created to be another him or her.

You were crafted and sewn together to reflect an attribute of The Father.

Do not waste time trying to be another one of God’s designs.

You are beautiful. You are strong. You are loved. You are seen.

Look to the One who created you and let Him reveal to you your true identity.


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